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Tomato Wheels

The Corner Scraper | Wooden Spoon

The Corner Scraper | Wooden Spoon

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The Corner Scraper | Wooden spoon with a slant flat top.

A Tomato Wheels exclusive measuring 14 inches long. Our engraving technique creates a unique result for each of our wooden spoons.

Kitchen Notes:

This flat-topped spoon allows you to stir, mix, and scrape effortlessly. And… let’s face it, when you’re cooking good food, it’s hard not to want to scrape the best bits off the bottom of the skillet and onto your plate—call it a chef's treat. 


Acacia wood. Strong, like very strong—2,300 psi on the Janka scale, or in non-technical speak, stronger than maple, beech, and bamboo. And it’s light AF—meaning your arm won’t get tired when you’re making your eggs the right way: low and slow!

Use Me For:

Anything you’re cooking up in a frying pan—eggs, ground meats, veggies, stir fry, you get the idea. Or simply wave it in the air to make a solid point (works every time).

Together Forever: 

Hand wash your wooden spoons with soap and warm water. This way of caring for your spoon will ensure you have it for years to come. We have even met spoons that have been passed down for generations! Find out how. 

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