3 Lambrusco Cocktails You Want to Know

3 Lambrusco Cocktails You Want to Know

If you are like me, if I am making a cocktail at home it needs to be easy, meaning a few simple ingredients that I have on hand. Anything more complex—I've likely already just opened a bottle of wine. So, whether you're a novice mixologist or a seasoned cocktail enthusiast, these recipes are designed to elevate your at-home bartending experience while celebrating the distinctive flavors of Lambrusco wine.

Creative Lambrusco Cocktail Recipes:

  1. Lambrusco Spritz: Fuse chilled Lambrusco (naturally we recommend Tomato Wheels Lambrusco) with Aperol and a splash of soda water, garnished with an orange slice to create a revitalizing twist on the iconic Spritz.
  2. Lambrusco Sangria: Combine Tomato Wheels Lambrusco with a medley of seasonal fruits, accented with a splash of brandy and a drizzle of simple syrup or honey. Allow the flavors to meld and intensify for a few hours before serving over ice.
  3. Lambrusco Mule: Shake up a Lambrusco Mule by harmonizing Tomato wheels Lambrusco with vodka, ginger beer, and a zesty squeeze of lime juice. Serve in a copper vessel to add a touch of sophistication to your libation.

Mixology Tips with Lambrusco:

  • Strive for Harmony: Lambrusco's nuanced flavor profile pairs really well with an array of ingredients. Experiment with different flavor combinations to achieve a harmonious balance of sweetness, acidity, and depth in your cocktails.
  • Embrace the Chill: To accentuate Lambrusco's effervescent charm, ensure all components of your cocktail are adequately chilled before blending. The refreshing chill will enhance the experience (yes, actually).
  • Garnish with Panache: Elevate your Lambrusco cocktails with a captivating garnish. Fresh fruits, aromatic herbs, and citrus twists not only enhance visual appeal but also infuse your cocktail with an extra layer of complexity.

We love embracing any opportunity to showcase Lambrusco's versatility and allure, and toast to the endless possibilities of Lambrusco-infused libations. So grab a bottle of Lambrusco, gather your cocktails ingredients, and show us your pairing on IG @tomatowheelsBuy a bottle in store or online

Great company, good food and a bottle of Lambrusco. Drink Lambrusco—if you know what’s good.

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