It's time to click at the table! 

Every interaction with Tomato Wheels products is an opportunity to pause, take a mindful moment, and activate your senses. Unplugging and being present in the moment starts with the first touch of our products, so by the time you are done cooking you are ready to click (with your guests, partner or self) at the table and save the double clicks for later.
Home chefs, we’ve done our research. 
When we asked our chef friends around the globe for cooking advice we noticed a theme: 
They cooked most of their mouth-watering food with a few of the best basic kitchen essentials, and a generous amount of salt, fat, acid and heat—shout out to Samin Nosrat. None of them described using fancy appliances or a dozen pots and pans. 
That’s when we decided to make it our mission to help home chefs get to the eating part faster. We work with chefs to research and select Kitchen Essentials that are Made To Use, and focus on the tools that make cooking faster and easier.
Our founder's love affair...with food.

After working on multiple national culinary projects early in her career, our founder, Moirae Choquette, fell in love with every aspect of the food world. She travelled, connecting with new cultures and people through food, met so many talented chefs she now calls friends, and launched a 300 person long table culinary experience to commemorate Canada’s 150th.


At the same time, her career-driven lifestyle brought her face-to-face with burn out. Reflecting back, it was the worst and best thing to happen in her life. It forced her to slow down, make serious changes to her relationships and her career, and refocus on what’s most important to her: Making time in her life for people and connection. And when she reflected on where she found connection, she realized it was through sharing food.

Her travels put it into perspective. She might not speak the same language as her hosts, she might be enjoying food in a renowned restaurant, or on someone’s living room floor, but you can hold up a bite with a big smile on your face, and you know you’re all having a great time. You’re connecting. 

"This connection is why Tomato Wheels was launched. It’s a way to make cooking easier, so all homechefs alike can get to the eating—and connecting—part faster."
Tomato Wheels kitchen rules.
1. Casual is the secret ingredient. All you need is good company and great food. Cheap wine, optional.
2. Click at the table, and save the double clicks for later.