4 Way to Drink Lambrusco All Day Long

4 Way to Drink Lambrusco All Day Long

Are you gearing up for a holiday? Whether you're preparing for Easter festivities, Mother's Day, Father's Day or simply wanting to add a little spark into your weekday routine, look no further. We've got you covered with four ways to sip on a bottle of Tomato Wheels Lambrusco—taking you from brunch to night caps. 

  1. Brunch: Lambrusco Mimosa Indulge in a refreshing twist on the classic Mimosa by blending equal parts of zesty blood orange juice and Lambrusco. Elevate the experience by garnishing with a slice of fresh or dried orange for a vibrant burst of flavour.

  2. Lunch: Lambrusco Spritz a sophisticated lunchtime treat, don't forget the olives!  This delightful combination perfectly balances the crispness of Lambrusco with the savory notes of the olives, creating a palate-pleasing sensation.

  3. Dinner: Straight up Tomato Wheels Lambrusco, glassware of your choice. Don't mess around with a good thing.

  4. Night Cap: Indulge in a Tomato Wheels Lambrusco Affogato Cap. Pour the good juice aka Tomato Wheels Lambrusco over a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream for a decedent treat. Truuuuuust us.

Annnnd, there you have it–four delicious ways to incorporate Tomato Wheels Lambrusco into your celebrations, from brunch to night caps. Elevate your next celebration and share your creations with us on IG @tomatowheels. You can grab a bottle in-store or online.



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