Homechef Edition: A Mole and Tomato Wheels Lambrusco Affair

Homechef Edition: A Mole and Tomato Wheels Lambrusco Affair

This week, I ditched the restaurant menus (because, let's face it, we should all be kitchen pros post pandemic) and plunged headfirst into the heart and soul of Mexican cuisine—Mole, pronounced “MOH-lay”. It's not just a sauce; it's the flavor, the essence, and some might even argue, the heartbeat of Mexico. 

Mole, the cultural cornerstone of Mexico, is like the Brick Lane curry for our British pals, but with a spicy twist. This not-so-Instagrammable brown sauce is a culinary masterpiece that varies in ingredients and preparation from region to region.

My first attempt at homemade Mole wasn't exactly a from-scratch masterpiece. I confess, I took a detour to the corner store for a premade Mole kickstart. But don't judge just yet—I spiced things up with a little chili pepper, cinnamon and garlic to give it a homemade oomph. This is poured over top of chicken, usually chicken that’s slow boiled for no less than 2 hours. Notice I added the accouterments—the chicken feet. #WhenInRome

The real fun began when we decided to pair this culinary dynamo with a bottle of Tomato Wheels Lambrusco. The spicy yet sweet Mole kicked the Lambrusco into high gear bringing with every sip. Bringing out notes of cold blueberries, a hint of lavender, and fig, concluding with a creaminess that could compete with any flan, all complemented by a subtle burst of tannins. Not to forget the effervescent and refreshing finale.

Final notes: we will 100% be pairing Tomato Wheels Lambrusco with currys and moles in the future. It was a pairing that hits—very well. 

Great company, good food and a bottle of Lambrusco. Drink Tomato Wheels—if you know what’s good.

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