How to Pair Lambrusco with Your Easter Dinner

How to Pair Lambrusco with Your Easter Dinner

This Easter, we've got you covered on how to pair the perfect wine to dazzle your guests and enhance your dining experience with Lambrusco.

It's Italy quintessential food wine, meaning it pairs well with everything, making Lambrusco is an ideal companion for a variety of dishes for your Easter feast. We are going to take you from glazed ham to roasted lamb to dessert. 

Glazed Ham and Lambrusco Pairing: Glazed ham is a traditional Easter favorite, and pairing it with Lambrusco adds a delightful twist to the classic dish. Opt for a dry or off-dry Lambrusco to complement the sweet and savory flavors of the ham, creating a harmonious balance that will tantalize your taste buds. As always we recommend the best, Tomato Wheels—but we know we're bias, so you do you.

Roasted Lamb and Robust Lambrusco: For those indulging in roasted lamb as the centerpiece of their Easter table, a bold and robust Lambrusco is the perfect accompaniment. The earthy notes of the lamb are beautifully enhanced by the deep berry flavors and subtle tannins of the wine. Choose a well-aged Lambrusco to match the intensity of the lamb and create a memorable pairing experience.

Dessert and Lambrusco: This little number creates a delightful fusion of flavors, with Lambrusco's effervescence contrasting beautifully with the creamy texture of the ice cream. The fruity notes of the wine enhance the dessert, providing a unique and refreshing treat. Whether it's classic vanilla or decadent chocolate, Lambrusco poured over ice cream is an easy crowd pleasure, truuuuust us.

So grab a bottle of Lambrusco, celebrate with your nearest and dearest and show us your pairing on IG @tomatowheelsBuy a bottle in store or online. Cheers to a happy and delicious Easter celebration! 

Great company, good food and a bottle of Lambrusco. Drink Lambrusco—if you know what’s good.



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