Sommeliers Choose Tomato Wheels Lambrusco

Sommeliers Choose Tomato Wheels Lambrusco

Lambrusco, the sparkling red wine sensation, is capturing the hearts of wine enthusiasts everywhere, thanks to sommeliers like Stephanie Cameron. Explore Stephanie's latest recommendations featuring Tomato Wheels Lambrusco, perfectly paired with delectable recipes that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your wine experience.

Stephanie's Lambrusco Pairing Perfection: Stephanie Cameron, a leading authority in the Canadian wine world, presents her top picks for pairing Tomato Wheels Lambrusco with irresistible dishes. Indulge in her baked brie recipe, adorned with a variety of mouthwatering toppings, expertly complementing the bold flavors of Lambrusco. Plus, discover her signature 7-layer charcuterie dip, a festive delight that transports you to the streets of Italy with every bite. 

Stephanie Cameron's wine pairing recipes are a flavor-packed adventure for anyone looking to host or get in the kitchen and prepare a snack for one.

Your turn—grab a bottle of Lambrusco, gather your favorite people and share your food pairing experience on IG @tomatowheelsBuy a bottle in store or online

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