What is Lambrusco?

What is Lambrusco?

Are you unfamiliar with Lambrusco? Don't worry; you're not alone! This fresh and enjoyable beverage is capturing the attention of many in Canada and the US, with about 80% of individuals in these regions being newcomers to this exceptional drink.

Lambrusco hails from the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy and is crafted primarily from the Lambrusco grape variety, boasting unique characteristics from various sub-varieties. These sparkling red wines range from dry to sweet, featuring a light effervescence that adds a delightful fizziness. Renowned for vibrant red hues, fruity flavors, and refreshing acidity, Lambrusco pairs seamlessly with a variety of foods.

The versatility of Lambrusco is evident in its different styles, but a common thread ties them together—their lively and approachable nature. This makes Lambrusco a popular choice among those seeking a vibrant and sparkling red wine experience.

At Tomato Wheels, our Lambrusco is crafted from 86% salamino grape and 14% malbo gentile. This results in a stunning deep purple wine bursting with notes of violet, cold blueberries, lavender, and crème fraîche. The wine features cheek-gushing acidity and a hint of tannin, creating a truly exceptional drinking experience. You can grab a bottle in-store or online.

Rules we live by: great company, good food and a bottle of Lambrusco. Drink Lambrusco—if you know what’s good. 




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