What's Being Said About Us

What's Being Said About Us

Don't take our word for how crushable Tomato Wheels Lambrusco is, take it from the folks drinking it.

"I don't typically like sparkling wines. But this stuff, I'll take a case of." — Bradford Blake, Wine Enthusiast

"Once the frothy dark violet hued bubbles splash your glass and you taste the fridge cold crunch of fresh picked blackberries you will forever be hooked." —Brad Royale, Sommelier

“ Lambrusco is highly recommended by the team at Tasting Room Radio.  Tomato Wheels is perfect for sharing and discovery over a meal. Italy in a glass.” —Terry Mulligan, Tasting Room Radio

“Tomato Wheels makes red wine fun again” —Ronald, Wine Enthusiast

“I’ve never been a wine guy, until this stuff. Tomato Wheels is to wino’s which a good scotch is to the Scottish” —Tyler Choquette, Wine Enthusiast

“TW is a surprising wine. In one sip, your palate is open to an explosion of fresh fruit notes that are well balanced with the acidity of its natural effervescence. It leaves you perplexed and wanting more.” Mario Castillo, Wine Enthusiast

“It’s the perfect wine to add a little “sparkle” to your girls night.” —Kara Belgrave, Wine Enthusiast

“As someone who doesn't consume alcohol—I found the flavour to be very distinct and fruity. The actual alcohol felt very light and smooth. The carbonation added a whole other refreshing element to the mix that I wasn't expecting to enjoy as much as I did.” Mazen Mahfouz,  Wine Enthusiast

“The best charcuterie wine out there” —Steph Cameron, Sommelier

“I am not a red wine person until I tasted Tomato Wheels Lambrusco. Cold, light and refreshing all in one” —Jane Bruse, Wine Enthusiast

“Tomato Wheels is on my go-to wine list! A juicy, dry, easy to drink wine that goes with everything. ” —Moly Milosovic, Wine Enthusiast

“Sensational sparkling sweetness in your mouth!  Pairs uniquely well with many different foods.” —Jenny Fata, Wine Enthusiast

“Triggers a “mmm, that’s good” reaction after EVERY sip.” —Marika Stimac, Wine Enthusiast

"I love it! It’s light, fizzy and goes well with literally everything." —Laura Davis, Wine Enthusiast

"I always reach for it when I see it. It’s a different and unexpected pick for a gift too." —Max Dawson, Wine Enthusiast

“My go-to dinner party wine! Well balanced, smooth, with a lovely touch of fizz” Monica Gehrig, Wine Enthusiast



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